Play some fun games with your dog

To keep your dog happy and exercised on cold and wet days play an indoors game that will keep them mentally alert.

There are specially designed doggie bubble machines and other toys that are designed for your pet.

Using a child’s bubble blowing toy filled with non-toxic liquid, blowing your bubbles in the house, garden or garage can be of great fun while using up some energy.  This is one game that can be easily played indoors.

On a nicer day you can take your child and his friends or two siblings to the park or out in the back garden. Two tennis balls thrown from one child to another at a reasonable height will entice your dog to play catch (let him win sometimes). Don’t forget the praise and a reward.

This game is more for an adult dog that loves plenty of attention and requires a fair amount of daily exercise.

Tip: give a treat to retrieve the ball and if your dog will not give up the ball continue the game with a replacement ball.

If you have taught your dog to ‘drop it’ then you can try the game ‘tug of war’.  Your pet has to drop the ball for praise and a treat but occasionally let him win.

Always finish the game if your dog is becoming too over-excited but always give praise.