Playtime in Easley, America, for despairing dogs

Work has finally started at Hagood Park on Easley’s long awaited dog park, according to the City Administrator, Fox Simons.

Simons has said that he hopes the dog park will be ready to open before the festivities of Thanksgiving this year.

The dog park is said to be around an acre and will accommodate both small and larger dogs. There will also be benches, a water fountain, a transition space and even some play structures for the dogs to keep entertained.

As well as the planned new dog park, Simons is also planning to have at least one sand based volleyball court installed as well. After this, the plan is to put in some horseshoe pits by the park, maintain the tennis and basketball courts and also to increase the parking available.

Simons has said that work has started on the parking expansion and the sand based volleyball courts. All of this work is said to be completed by this coming Christmas or at the latest, early next year.

One Easley resident; Jessica Cramer, spoke about how she would definitely be taking her dog out and about to the newly planned dog park:

“I know there are a lot of people with dogs, and there are not a lot of places to take them in Easley.”

Simons believes that the current space where the proposed park is to be is not being utilised efficiently and would like to see residents benefitting from the new facilities. He has also said that new equipment for the park’s playground has already been fitted at Hagood Park.

Simons is expecting the dog park to cost around the $30,000 mark but that the rest of the planned project would be “relatively inexpensive”.

This shows what we all already knew; America is a nation of dog lovers and their dedication to their four legged friends knows no bounds.