Police dog braves shark infested river to catch criminal

In an amazing climax to a police chase, a fearless police dog sank his teeth into a fleeing criminal and refused to let go, even though they were swimming in a shark infested stretch of water.

The Hollywood style pursuit began at 3 AM in Ashmore Plaza, on the Gold Coast, when police were called to an incident involving a break-in at a shop. Officers arrived to disturb two men, one of whom fled on foot whilst the other leapt into a car and drove off. One officer opened fire on the vehicle, but the thief made good his escape.

Half an hour later, police spotted the vehicle again and gave chase. The driver crashed into a roundabout, blowing out a tyre before reversing into a police car. He decided to make a run for it, and officers released a police dog – a police dog who had no intention of letting the criminal evade him.

bull shark
Bull Shark
After a chase through the backstreets, the dog caught up with the fleeing criminal and sank its teeth into his leg, refusing to let its quarry go. In desperation, the thief tried to swim across the Nerang River, which is renowned as a hotspot for Bull sharks, which are notorious for attacking humans and whose bite is often mistaken for a Great White – the shark from the film Jaws.

As the wanted man was struggling to cross the river, with the dog still attached, police commandeered a passing jet ski, and headed out into the water to make an arrest.

Two men aged 33 and 30 are now in custody.