Police dog follows suspects for over an hour

In an incredible story, a Northamptonshire police dog has managed to track down some possible metal thieves found around the Northamptonshire area.

The police dog, named Guinness, traced the thieves after chasing the scent for over an hour, which took them through a local river.

PC Carl Ellis is Guinness’ handler and they both began the hunt after they had heard reports of suspicious behaviour at a local scrap metal site in the Wellingborough area.

Guinness was able to pick out the scent and follow it all the way through the River Nene. This led the team to four males on a rooftop. The men were immediately arrested under the suspicion of stealing metal.

Guinness has a track record of finding criminals after he was able to track a driver who had fled from the scene of an accident after he had crashed into a Northhampton post office.
Thanks to Guinness, a 38-year-old man will appear in court after being charged with the offence of drink driving.

Police had been called to John Redden Ltd in Finedon Road, Wellingborough to look into the possible metal theft after one of the company’s security guards drew their attention to some metal that had been collected together, perhaps ready to be collected.

Sgt John Wooding from the police force has been quoted as saying: “This is another excellent piece of work from Guinness and his handler which has led to four arrests.

“Guinness is an extremely hard-working dog and his actions this week are superb examples of how police dogs can help officers in the line of duty.”