Police officers sentenced for abusing dogs

Two police officers from North Wales, who were filmed by a neighbour kicking their pet dogs, were sentenced by Denbigh Magistrates Court earlier today. The two offices, twenty-nine-year-old Anja Mason and thirty-four-year-old Craig Macleod, have received community service for their animal abuse crimes and have been banned from keeping any animal for just five years.

Both defendants are police officers, and at this stage are still on duty at their station.

Anja Mason has to complete 120 hours community service whereas Craig Macleod has received 180 hours of community service. Both police officers have to pay costs in the region of £1,267.10.

The RSPCA had attended the home of the two officers many times prior to the neighbour filming them abusing the dogs, but they failed to find any evidence. Once the concerned neighbour caught the pair on camera abusing the dogs, the RSPCA was able to act.

The RSPCA’s Glenn Murphy stated:

It appeared to the RSPCA that there was no reasonable cause for the chastisement that was being given.

It was unacceptable.

In modern times, it is totally inappropriate to use physical violence as part of a training regime.

A spokesman for the police force stated:

North Wales Police are conducting an internal investigation. Therefore it would be inappropriate to comment at this time.

It seems unfair that two police officers, people in a position of responsibility, are able to abuse dogs in this way whilst still keeping their jobs, avoid any kind of custodial sentence and only received a five year ban from keeping animals.