Police shoot dead mayor’s dogs

In a story that should make you glad you live in the UK, police in the USA, in the small town of Berwyn Heights, shot dead a man’s Labrador dogs when they raided his home. It wasn’t just any man mind you, he was the Mayor of the town, and the police suspected his wife of dealing drugs.

They raided his house after the family took receipt of a package of marijuana, that has already been identified as such by a police sniffer dog before it had been delivered. The police burst into the Mayor’s home, and upon being confronted with the two black Labrador dogs (one of them a puppy) they shot them dead.

The police stated they’d felt threatened by the two dogs.

Sgt. Mario Ellis stated:

We’re not in the habit of going to homes and shooting peoples’ dogs. If we were, there would be a lot more dead dogs around the county.

The Mayor, Cheye Calvo, wasn’t even arrested during the incident. He says he has no idea how the drug package came to be sent to him, though he is more upset over the murder of his two dogs than anything else.

My government blew through my doors and killed my dogs, They thought we were drug dealers, and we were treated as such.

He has been the Mayor of the town since 2004.