Police use dog to sniff out cash

Police have been using sniffer dogs for many years now to locate drugs and contraband about someone’s person or hidden away within buildings. Fife police in Scotland though have trained a sniffer dog to locate something a little more interesting than the standard drugs usually sniffed out by dogs; this sniffer dogs locates money, cash to be precise.

Rocco is an 18 month old cocker spaniel and, together with his handler PC Paul McIlroy, has been in training for the last six weeks to sniff out cash. Rocco was given to the police after his owners decided they didn’t want him, but presumably now that he can sniff out cash wherever it is hidden they may be sorry they gave him away!

Rocco is able to locate notes in Pounds Sterling and Euros, as well drugs like most other sniffer dogs. Rocco is currently training to look for weapons just to round of his skills.

Rocco’s first mission will be to work on the Port of Rosyth, which has an intercontinental ferry service that has just started back up.

Rocco’s boss on the force, the head of the Dog Section Sergeant Davy McKelvie, stated:

These dogs, along with their handlers, played a significant role in the seizure of more than £3million of drugs last year.

The unique skills that these new recruits possess, strengthens the ability of the force to deliver on its policing plan pledges to tackle crime and maintain safer neighbourhoods across Fife.

Criminals in Fife beware; the dogs can now sniff out your stolen money as well as drugs.