The annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon took place in Southern California recently, with 80 canine entrants taking part.

Despite warnings of a hurricane, the competition was still able to take place, with each hound competing in ten-minute heats. The classes were split by weight, to ensure that every pooch had the chance to win.

Every pet and owner wore a lifejacket. Some surfed with their human companions, but the majority of the dogs surfed solo. Spectators watched Labradors, Bulldogs, Spaniels, Collies, and many other breeds ride the waves.

Styles varied, with the majority choosing to surf on all four legs, whilst others chose a sitting posture. Remy, an elderly Collie, came second using this chilled surfing style. One young pup even chose to ride the waves standing on the back and shoulders of his owner.

Many of the smaller breeds took part in the Paddle Paws Parade, but a lot of them also braved the surf along with the bigger pooches. Some of the boards and dogs were fitted with waterproof cameras to capture all of the action.

The overall winner, Dozer, is an English Bull Dog. He is eight years old and won the competition for the second year running.

The contest is part of a family day that is held annually to raise money for the Helen Woodward Animal Center. All of the funds raised support the charity’s work with orphaned pooches, helping them to find a new home, and many of the doggy competitors had once been homeless themselves. Plans for next year’s Surf-A-Thon are already said to be underway.