Poodle works alongside priest

An intelligent 5 year old poodle named Donovan is proving to be more than just a companion to his owner. Donovan has shocked and impressed all that know him by detecting any problems that arise with his owner’s health. Due to Donovan’s owner, Rev. Joel Marable, previously suffering a number of strokes, his pet poodle has become aware of any health related issues in a bid to protect his life.

Rev. Joel Marable has the role of curate at his local church in Newport, Virginia in America. Although the priest is rather anxious about his health deteriorating due to prior difficulties, he trusts in his poodle to alert him and stabilise him should anything happen. When Donovan discovers there is a blood pressure drop, he amazingly instructs the priest to take a seat to avoid falling and losing balance completely.

It could be natural instinct that Donovan has the ability to shield his owner’s life, but also the poodle was trained within the Jasmine Charitable Trust. Interestingly, Donovan’s method of detecting the drop in Rev. Joel Marable’s blood pressure is linked with the method used by training dogs to detect a sense of smell, relating to suspects and missing people.

Donovan is able to use his trained abilities as a way of reacting to any chemical changes that occur within the body. Despite the poodle’s valuable gift, his owner has said how on some occasions it is possible for Donovan to mistakenly pick up scents. Regardless, it is better to be safe than sorry, and Donovan is doing all he can to protect his fellow companion.