Poop scoop case thrown out of court

As somebody who is sick of seeing irresponsible dog owners regularly neglect to pick up after their dog, this story amazed me.

West Dorset District Council apparently does not only take dog owners to court for not picking up after their dog but even took one dog owner to court for being too slow to do it.

49 year old Chris Lindsay has told the media how the £1,000 case against him is ridiculous and a complete waste of money.  Weymouth Magistrates threw the case out of court.

The dog warden stopped him as he walked just five yards back to his car to get a poop bag to clean up after his 13 year old German shepherd Bono.

Reportedly, Mr Lindsay told the dog wardens what he was doing but the dog wardens fined him £75 anyway saying he was taking too long and did not intend to clean it up.

Mr Lindsay stated he has cleaned up responsibly after his dogs for 30 years now and had used up the two plastic bags he had on him.  He just needed to get another bag from the car.

West Dorset District Council said: “The outcome is disappointing. The public feels very strongly about faeces being left.  Our wardens will continue to enforce the law.”

I wish all councils would enforce the law, although this case does seem like the warden were a little over-zealous.