Portuguese water dog – Obama’s ‘first dog’

portuguese_water_dog_boThe Portuguese water dog is certain to be the most talked about dog breed for some time now, thanks to US President Barack Obama.

Nobody could accuse the President of rushing into purchasing the first dog the family thought of as the topic of who and which breed would be the ‘first dog’ of America has been talked about since late last year and Obama’s family were even offered the Hairless Peruvian from Peru as a gift.

After much debate, and with their choice narrowed by daughter Malia’s allergies, the Obamas have settled upon black and white, six month old Portuguese water dog Bo, who made his first appearance at the White House today.

The appointment of America’s First Dog has already sparked a surge of interest, and not just in America but in canine-mad Britain too.

Kennel Club spokeswomen, Caroline Kisko, said:

“We frequently see the popularity of certain breeds soar once people have seen them being bought by their favourite celebrities.  But dogs are not a fad or a new accessory that can be disposed of at will — they are a lifetime commitment and we advise anybody thinking of buying a dog to make as careful and informed a decision as the Obamas clearly did.”

The Portuguese water dog is an active and lively breed and although it is classed as hypo-allergenic, this doesn’t make it suitable for every family as they do require daily exercise.


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