Postman Problem solved

There is nothing more worrying than waiting for an important letter to come through your letter box in the morning, only for your dog to get there first and chew it up. If you are tired of trying to read a letter with teeth holes in and covered in drool, there are certain measures that you can carry out to help stop this behaviour.

This is actually a very common problem in a lot of dog-owning households. A dog is usually doing this as an act of territorial aggression, and is not usually an act of attention. Your pet will think that it is protecting you and your home, and when the letter box goes they will feel that their territory is being threatened.

postman-tackles-dogThe best method to deal with this problem would be to employ some desensitisation and distraction techniques. Desensitisation techniques would allow the dog to gradually become more accustomed to things coming through the letter box while you’re there so they will not feel the need to protect their territory as it is part of an everyday routine.You may want to get a friend to post a letter whilst you sit with your dog and try to keep him in a calm state, rewarding him as he does so.

Distraction is fairly simple to apply by making sure that the dog is more interested in something that you have when the postman comes round will make sure that your letters are teeth free. To do this you could try feeding them a small amount of food or playing a stimulating game that will keep the dog engaged. Ignore the post until the postman has gone and the dog is calm.