Pregnant dog rescued from canal in Wiltshire

It’s a sad fact that some unscrupulous dog owners attempt to get rid of unwanted puppies by throwing them in the river or canal, but one evil minded person couldn’t even wait for their dog’s pups to be born. When an unnamed bull-terrier was pregnant, rather than throw the pups in the river the owners instead threw the pregnant dog into a canal in Wiltshire.

Pregnant dog rescued from canal in Wiltshire
Pregnant dog rescued from canal in Wiltshire

The dog was found struggling in Wiltshire’s Kennet and Avon canal, still with two puppies to come out – though showed signs of having giving birth to others already. The dog, now named Faith, is now at the Bath Cats and Dogs Home and is ready to find a new owner. Sadly though her two puppies, which were born via caesarean section, died shortly afterwards.

Faith was found in the canal by police officers who said she had wounds that didn’t look as though they’d come from attempts to escape the canal. After examination by a vet it was discovered that the dog had recently had puppies, and was still carrying two more, but it is unclear what happened to her other pups.

A police spokesman believes the dog may have been bred for dog fights.

Meanwhile Faith is awaiting a new owner at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, and staff are eager to hear from anyone who would like to offer her a new life.