Prepare for your new puppy

As you prepare to welcome a new puppy into your home, you will find that the coming weeks will be a very busy time and your home may descend into chaos as you chase around after the bundle of fun that is the latest addition to the family.

In this busy period, you may not have time to think and so it is important that you prepare for all that your new puppy may need before you bring your new arrival home. Planning in advance for all the necessities that you will need means that you have all the time in the world to chase around after your playful pup.

Food and water bowls are essential and ensure that they are low, shallow bowls to allow your puppy to access their food and drink. Make sure that the food you buy for your puppy is appropriate for their young age – ask a vet for advice. Get a collar that is suitable for a puppy – you may need to change this as your dog grows – and ensure that your dog leash is suitable for the kind of dog that you have. Dog leads will come in different thickness and strength and not all dogs will require the same kind.

You may wish to invest in a travel crate in case you need to safely transport your new puppy to the vet if sick or injured. Other considerations may include grooming equipment to ensure that you keep your puppy’s coat looking nice and some chewing toys to help keep your furniture intact!