Prepare your pet for New Year’s festivities

dogs partying at New YearWhat’s your plans for New Year? Will you be hitting the town in a skimpy dress, heels and no coat despite the freezing weather? Will you be hosting a wild party at home, where someone will no doubt advertise it on Facebook causing it to descend into a riot? If you’re anything like us at Dream Dogs, you will be settling down in front of the box, drinking pint glasses of White Russians and watching Clive James’ Review of the Year and Jools Holland’s Hogmanay.

As is usually the case, there will be someone in the neighbourhood who will decide to set off fireworks until the wee hours. Apart from disrupting your sleep, as a dog owner you’ll know that the noise can cause a great deal of distress to your pet too. As is the case with Guy Fawkes Night, preparation is vital – here are a few tips to calm your pet and prepare him for the festivities.

Exercise him

Taking your pooch out for a walk a few hours before any fireworks are due to start, or playing with him in the yard for a while, will tire him out, meaning that he should be less stressed as the night wears on

Feed him

If practical, feed your pet a hearty meal shortly before the festivities begin. You know how relaxed you felt after your gut-busting Christmas dinner? Your dog will feel the same.

Give him a rub down

This is Cesar Milan’s favourite trick. Massage him gently for half an hour before the fireworks are due to start. Massaging his head, neck, back and legs will relax him from head to paw.

Keep him inside the house

Damage limitation is the name of the game – he’s less likely to be stressed out if he is kept indoors. If you think that this will do no good, take him to a friend or relative’s house. To make him feel comfortable, make sure to take his favourite dog bed, treats and dog toys.