Preventing your dog from jumping up at you

dog jumping on peopleWhen a puppy jumps up on you, you cannot help but give it the attention that it is craving. However, fast forward a year and that puppy is now a bigger dog. If he insists on jumping up, it is clear that there is a problem with potential dangers, from torn clothing to physical injury.

If a dog starts to jump up at you then don’t give him any attention at all. Most dogs will not mind if the attention that they get is positive or negative – they will just be glad of any attention at all. Turning your body to the side will reduce the target that the dog is aiming for making it more difficult, while doing this make sure that you avoid eye contact with the dog.

Another method that will prevent the dog from jumping up is to take a step forward as they approach. Be careful that you do not go backwards this will be seen as a retreat by the dog and will make them more likely to jump up. By moving forward the dog will not be able to balance for jumping. With smaller dogs or puppies it may be more appropriate to move a leg forward rather than the whole body.

Make sure that all family and friends who visit all enforce the rule to your dog. By emphasising the word no in a calm but raised voice will reinforce to your dog that he is in the wrong. If everyone is not firm with the dog, then he will become stressed and confused about jumping as they are being punished by some and allowed to do so by others.