Prolific police dog retires

Janus, a police dog from the West Midlands who has managed to capture and secure over 400 criminals during his career, will be resting his paws as he reaches the age of nine and a half.

The Belgian Malinois has worked alongside many police handlers in his time, including PC Dan Thomas. PC Thomas is a big fan of Janus and, speaking about the talented dog, he said:

“Janus has depended on me and I have equally depended on him many times when he’s come to my aid and fended off violent offenders.”

The talented dog has been participating in rigorous training and searching sessions throughout his life, enabling him to jump over walls and fences before chasing down his targets. In fact, more than 60 criminals were left needing stitches after his sharp teeth punctured their skin when they tried to fight back. PC Thomas and Janus have received numerous nominations for their teamwork and bravery, including the force’s highest accolade – Chief Constable Commendations.

Over the years, Janus has assisted in 157 captures and 285 arrests. In addition to this, Janus also once detected $10,000 worth of stolen tools through his heightened sense of smell.

Although the canine is now stepping down to enjoy retirement, he will definitely be remembered fondly by workers in the West Midlands Police Dog Unit. Inspector Russ Evans said:

“Janus was among the oldest operational general purpose dog we have ever had.”

PC Thomas will not be left alone though, because Zane is the new police dog who is set to follow in Janus’ footsteps.