Proposed plans for dog re-homing centre on site of car boot sale

A national animal charity has proposed plans to develop a large dog shelter on the site of one of Basildon’s biggest car boot sales.

The Dogs Trust has revealed their plans to build 71 kennels, a reception training area, a vets clinic and a dog behavioural assessment unit on the site. The land is currently used for the famous car boot sale known as “The Big One”.

The plan has been revealed as there is concern rising about how kennels in south Essex are struggling to cope with the high rise in the abandonment of unwanted pets. It is hoped that this development would ease some of the pressure on dog charities. The proposed rehoming centre would be five acres and also have exercise runs and fencing and would include accommodation for the staff.

Malcolm Buckley, councillor in charge of environment, said:

“It may improve the traffic flow, which would be a positive, to get rid of the boot sale. I am open minded about the use by the Dogs Trust. It is a charity which is needed and it has identified south Essex as an area of priority.”

He said a number of planning issues, such as the scale of the building, it being in green belt and the effect it would have on traffic, would have to be looked at in detail.

The Dogs Trust is a hugely successful charity and already has 17 centres across the UK and is able to re home 13,000 animals a year. The proposed plans have been in talks with councillors for a few months.