Protect your puppy with a regular grooming routine

434468851-Puppy-groomingGrooming your puppy (or adult dog) is a way to protect your pet from unwanted health problems, whether small or life threatening.

When you brush, comb and run your hands over your puppy’s fur your hands will pick up any bumps or lumps that should not be there.

The intimate relationship you form with your dog can be a life saver and this, combined with the general housekeeping duties of watching his eating, drinking and bathroom habits will help your pet to stay in good health.

If you find that your puppy’s nose is dry and flaky, instead of being soft and moist, then take time to have him checked out at the vets.

When your puppy has been out for his daily exercise or has been running around your garden, play safe and check his paws for unwanted stones or foreign objects that could cause him pain. Cuts or swollen lesions between the toes will require immediate attention.

A new puppy, just like human infants, is susceptible to colds. The continual licking of his nose will give the game away. A loss of appetite and nasal secretion could mean that your puppy is having trouble with breathing, so make sure he is in good health by taking him to see the vet.

A puppy who show signs of the above mentioned symptoms, and appears to have breathing problems, could lead to a respiratory infection, asthma or pneumonia if left untreated. This means he will need immediate medical attention. It is essential that you keep him warm, away from draughts and immediately consult your vet.