Psychic called in to locate missing dog

A wealthy couple are so concerned for their missing dog that they’ve spent thousands trying to trace him, and have even called in the help of a psychic. Jon Haggerwood and his wife Shelley have been looking for their dog, Jacob, since he went missing in January when he was chasing after deer.

Jacob is a bracco Italian hound, worth a reported £1,200, but is priceless for the couple, who have also bought night vision goggles to help look for him, and made an appeal on BBC Radio 1.

Jon Haggerwood stated:

He just disappeared off the face of the earth. I think he was so excited by the deer he just lost his way.

My worst fear is that he is lying injured somewhere and we cannot get to him. We have tried so many things it’s heartbreaking.

The couple have taken two weeks off work, unpaid, to look for the missing dog, costing them £3,000 in wages. They have also taken to the skies in a private plane to see if they can spot Jacob from the air.

People have been so kind trying to help but its like hitting a brick wall.

The couple have now looked to a psychic to help locate the missing dog.

One told us that she had spoken with Jacob, who said he was ‘OK and trying to make his way home.’

He said he had just wanted to go on an adventure. He is still alive and wants to get back.

Since Jacob went missing in January there have been two sightings, but he has not been recovered.

The search goes on.