Pup reunited with family following fatal car crash

A beloved pup has been reunited with his family after going missing following a fatal car crash.

Caesar, a Maltese, was taken back to his owner Monica Benson, following a 1,500 mile round trip which began with the crash in New Mexico on June 15, 2010.

The tragic accident claimed the life of Monica’s husband Gary and her five year-old daughter Emily, and injured her son Benjamin, who was 18 months old at the time. The family were travelling in their Chevrolet people carrier along Interstate 40, Tucumcari, when the vehicle overturned. Caesar was thrown clear of the van, and wandered off.

Whilst her son was recovering from the crash, he kept asking where the family pet was. Unable to give him an answer, Mrs Benson posted pictures of Caesar around his hospital bed, and assured him that she would find him. Unfortunately, her efforts to locate the dog were in vain and, after Benjamin had fully recovered, the family returned to their home. However, their grim ordeal was to end on a lighter note.

More than a year later, Mrs Benson received some surprise news: Christina Flemming, who was a volunteer at an animal shelter in New Mexico, was looking for pups that could be adopted. She came across Caesar, and noticing that he had a microchip, was able to track down Mrs Benson’s father. The two corresponded by email and telephone, before the wandering pup was returned to the fold. Caesar even remembered his family – Mrs Benson said:

“It was unbelievable. He really knew who we were.”

“It was an amazing evening.”

Monica is to return to the site of the accident to erect a memorial, and hopes to meet Ms Flemming to thank her in person.