Puppies prefer to be smelly most of the time

Muddy puppyIt seems that most puppies and adult dogs wait until you have picked them up from the dog groomer before they are back in the garden rolling around in the dirty soil or grass cuttings.

This is a habit that puzzles and irritates dog owners, especially as taking them to a dog groomer can be quite expensive.

Although your puppy can not tell you why this is pleasurable, some dog experts think it may be to disguise their scent.

Some of the other reasons given are that your puppy likes a certain scent and will feel comforted by a smell they recognise, such as soil, tobacco, puddles of petrol or grass cuttings.

On the other hand you will find all puppies and adult dogs lick their genitals and although an adult may think that is a disgusting habit, it is a natural way for their personal area to be kept clean and in good health.

While we are mentioning your puppy’s rear end, if your puppy starts to drag his rear end on the floor it could be because he has worms or his anal glands are full of liquid, which can become infected if not released.

Both of these complaints can be looked at by your local veterinary surgeon.