puppooseThe Puppoose is reportedly an ergonomic way to carry your dog – talk about the handbag dog craze!

When we wrote about the Top 7 Most Famous Dogs, at Number 2 was Tinkerbell, Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua who is still seen as the trendsetting celebrity who started the handbag dog craze and a huge increase in the popularity of tiny dogs like the Chihuahua and the Pomeranian.

The Puppoose does nothing to dispel this fashion – especially not with this photo, although it is certainly not size-ist as it is available in four different sizes and apparently ideal to carry a dog of any size.  Size Large is sufficient to support a dog weighing 16 – 22lbs, although we imagine you’d have to pretty strong to carry your dog around for too long at that weight, even in a Puppoose.

The Puppoose site reports:

Its hands-free convenience allows more quality time together!

I’m not sure my dog would thank me for quality time together in this way but no doubt some dogs get used to it.

The Puppoose is not just for girlie dogs either, and comes in blue, black and brown as well as the pink you might imagine.  It certainly doesn’t come cheap though, retailing at $60.  Would you put your dog in a Puppoose?


  • Lol great article. The poor dog in the photo looks very embarrassed. Can you imagine trying to carry a German Shepherd in a Puppoose?

    I don’t think my dog would appreciate being carried around in one – quality time or not!

  • Hi I have an elderly 14 yr old Tibetan Spaniel ‘Mojai’ who is wobbly on his paws… this is just perfect for him! We are based in the UK where can we buy a large in black? Also I’d also love to review it on our blog http://www.theamazingblog.co.uk – Mojai ‘writes’ about the things he loves 🙂
    Best wishes,


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