Puppy house training tips

Everyone loves puppies and they just look so cute and adorable with their big puppy eyes, that is until they make a mess on your carpet!

It is extremely important to start house training your puppy from a very early age and from the moment that you bring them home. This will ensure that your puppy does not develop any bad habits that will be hard to break as they get older.

The best way to help your puppy to be house trained is to give them an incentive to do a good job. When your puppy does well, give them plenty of praise and telling them well done. However, if they do have an accident, do not tell them off, as this will scare them and make them nervous, instead just do not give any praise.

You can also praise your puppy using treats, so every time that your puppy does their business in the correct place, reward him with praise and given them a treat while telling him that he is a good boy.

It is important not to give your puppy treats when they do not obey, as this will just be giving mixed messages to your puppy and will certainly confuse them. Once your puppy has the hang of it, they will associate house training with treats.

Do not underestimate the power that your touch can have on your puppy. Therefore, giving your puppy a rub on their head, their belly, behind their ears or where ever they like, this will let your puppy know that you proud of him and that he is doing well.