Puppy insurance gives new owners peace of mind

When you purchase a new puppy a reputable dog breeder will often have given you a four week pet insurance plan to complete and send off in case of accident or severe illness.

The first few months of a puppy’s life is the time they are more vulnerable to bacteria or an accident in the home. Once your pet has settled into his home you can explore other dog insurance policies and decide on the one for you and your pet.

One avenue of pet insurance is the lifelong policy. Lifelong is developed with the help of vets and it actively encourages positive healthcare.

Lifelong ensures your pet will receive the latest treatment throughout their life, without any fear of the cost.

There are other policies for your dog. One is a maximum level policy where an agreement is made that the level of pet insurance stops at a certain level of health care for an accident or illness.

If you prefer there is a policy that pays out on one occurrence within a twelve month period.

In some cases a pet insurance firm will allow more than one pet on their policy and give a discount.

It is worth shopping around for the best insurance deal for your dog that suits your budget.