Puppy needs a guide dog of its own

Blind PuppyDogs are used to be trained as guide dogs, but you don’t expect a dog to need its own guide dog. One poor puppy does however, after it was born without any eyes. The collie-Labrador cross, just nine weeks old and named Rose, suffers from a very condition that has meant her eyes have not developed.

The Dogs Trust now wants to find Rose a home that already has a dog who can ‘adopt’ rose and show her the way forward.

Susan Tonner, the manager for the Dogs Trust in West Lothian, stated:

We are looking for a special home for Rose. Blind dogs get a lot of comfort from following around another dog, ideally one that is sociable but placid.

The ideal household is somewhere that is not too busy and where the routine is set.

Rose will need more reassurance than some dogs as one of her senses is gone.

Could you give a home to Rose?


  • Hi,
    i would like to give rose a home, i know you have probably had loads of requests. i currently have 2 dogs, a cocker spaniel and springer spaniel. and i know they would look after rose well. i don’t know how to apply for her so i thought i would leave a comment to find out.
    Jodie Smith

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