Puppy nutrition

It is important for your puppy to have good nutrition to keep his or her body in good health and to grow into a strong, healthy adult dog. Nutrition for a puppy is quite different as once he is an adult, his nutritional needs will change.

Good nutrition will help your puppy to grow, his bones will become stronger and he will be full of energy to help him exercise and play every day.

Choosing your puppy food:

Choosing the correct food for your puppy’s diet can be confusing. If you are unsure, you should ask your veterinarian, food manufacturer or local pet store for help.

Tinned dog food has labels on it which has all the ingredients listed, including the amount of protein, wheat, corn and rice. The first ingredient on the label is the main ingredient and they will be listed in order of the amounts, so the lower down the list, the less of that ingredient in the food.

Puppy nutrition checklist:

•    Make sure your puppy eats a variety of foods

•    Check out complete protein and incomplete proteins.  If you decide to feed your puppy on dry food only, make sure that it is a complete dry food as opposed to a mixer, designed to be mixed with wet food

•    Check the level of carbohydrate and fats

•    Look for  tinned food and biscuits that advise you they are designed for puppies

Caution: Look for advice on the quantity your puppy requires on his daily diet according to the size of dog breed and be careful not to over feed him.