Puppy proof your home for your new arrival

Getting a puppy is a very exciting time for the family, but if you want your lovely home to remain unscathed, then there are some precautions that you can take to ‘puppy proof’ your home before the new arrival comes. Puppies are cute and adorable but they can be inquisitive to say the least – not to mention troublesome and mischievous!

Remember that everything in your home is new to a puppy and they will want to explore. Your pup will have no sense of what is dangerous to them or what is precious to you. That means cables and wires should be out of reach of a puppy so that they cannot chew them. The puppy will scratch at items low to the ground and try to pull at cupboard doors and they will certainly try to take in their mouth and chew anything that seems even remotely edible to them!

To ensure that your puppy is safe when they are eventually allowed to explore the outside of your home, make sure that your yard or garden is secure. Look at your fences or the gates around your home to be sure that your puppy cannot get stuck in a hole or worse, escape through a hole. If there are rubbish bins around your home, the lids need to be high enough so that your puppy cannot lift the lid and explore inside. They could eat something dangerous to them or at the very least, cause a lot of mess in your garden.