Puppy toilet training made easy

puppy-toilet-training-tipsToilet training a puppy is the one thing that can take the shine off your new dog. However, with a bit of patience – toilet training is not as bad as it first seems.

If you have a kitchen floor with tiles, or cushion flooring, then mopping up puddles after a puppy has done his business is not too much of a problem.

When mopping up puddles it is essential that you use a non-ammonia disinfectant as they are highly effective against certain viruses and bacteria that can cause your puppy to become unwell.

Pet stores will stock puppy training pads, which are a blessing if you are visiting friends and family or are short for time.

Old newspapers can be placed in strategic places in a room, heading towards your back door, for your puppy to use. However, be aware there will be accidents so avoid smacking or shouting at your puppy at this time. He will be trying to understand what you expect of him.

Directly after your puppy has eaten his meals he will want to go to the toilet. This is the time that you can place him on a newspaper, just near your back door, or outside if he has had all his vaccinations.

Once you have established a routine with your puppy he will soon get used to the idea and make his own way to the door.

If you fail to see him heading towards the door and he leaves you a puddle while he is waiting for you, then praise him for getting there. He is trying after all.