Some puppy training tips can be very absolute. For example, some will advocate the use of treats whilst some will claim that you must not give your puppy treats. Some tell you to only reward and make a fuss of the puppy’s good behaviour whilst others say you must just punish the puppy’s bad behaviour.

The truth is there is no magic formula to training a puppy and no absolute ‘right’ way to do things. Whatever the puppy training approach that you are going to take, the key is to always be consistent in your methods. Puppies are essentially just babies and will struggle to understand at first our efforts to influence their behaviour – they will be confused or maybe even frightened, particularly if you become frustrated with their efforts. Be patient with your puppy as you gently try to guide the puppy to understand your rules.

Your puppy training will require a lot of commitment on your part as this will be a daily routine that you have to enforce with your puppy. Puppies will have very short attention spans as well as the ability to forget at the drop of a hat! Keep extra vigilant as you try to house train your puppy as if you take your eye off this important part of training your puppy, that is when ‘accidents’ will happen in your home. If you think that you need help, it is advisable to sign up to obedience training courses which will help to enhance your skills in dealing with your puppy as well as bring on your puppy’s behaviour in leaps and bounds.