Quick ways to toilet train a puppy

When you bring home an adorable little puppy, your family will be looking forward to lots of cuddles and fun with your new addition to the home. However, the reality can be somewhat different. Whilst your new puppy will be undoubtedly cute and have some very endearing traits, when the puppy decides to use your dining room carpet as a toilet, you will realise that owning and training a puppy is a huge responsibility and that you need to learn to toilet train your new little friend as soon as possible.

The easiest way to toilet train a puppy is to make sure that you are always alert and watching for the puppy’s signals. Keeping your eye on your puppy by using closed doors will stop the puppy from roaming away and making areas of your home their toilet spot. Watch out for the typical signals – such as when the puppy starts to squat or sniff around – and make sure that you take your puppy outside.

Be vigilant when your puppy has had some food or water and make sure that you take your puppy outside for several minutes so that they learn to ‘go’ when outside. Do not entertain or play with the puppy during this time – wait until they ‘go’ before bringing the puppy back inside. Most of all, you should be consistent in your training and give out lots of praise when they do the right thing and your puppy will soon learn to understand what it is that pleases you!