Rapper reunited with beloved dog

Rapper Snoop Dogg has recently been reunited with his beloved pet, who went missing in Los Angeles.

Frank the French Bulldog went missing from his home on the 30th January, and Snoop wasted no time in trying his best to find his furry friend by posting on social media, hoping someone would locate him. The rapper shared a flyer to his 67.5 million Instagram followers detailing Frank’s breed, along with where and when he went missing, offering a reward if he was found. The flyer featured a picture of Frank, these details and a phone number to contact in the event he was located.

The Instagram post gained over 90,000 likes, and just one day after the French Bulldog went missing, Snoop posted another update expressing his gratitude that Frank had been returned to him. In a social media video, the rapper thanked his Instagram followers for all the love and support he received in order to reunite him with his pet. In the same video, he thanked the couple that found Frank and promised them some gifts for their help.

The Grammy nominee is known to be a lover of dogs – this month, he re-joined Martha Stewart to host the Puppy Bowl, representing Team Fluff and going head-to-head with Stewart’s Team Ruff. The rapper also performed at the real Super Bowl as well as its puppy counterpart, heading up the halftime show alongside stars such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J Blige and Dr Dre.