Recall dog training

Recall is a lesson for dogs that gives your dog freedom; you have control over your pet with a simple vocal command so that they can roam around in the parks and woodland free of a lead (in some parks and woodland at least, not all allow it).

When training a dog, this exercise is worth taking your time over. It requires patience and hard work from both parties, dog and owner. The result is well worth the effort, walking in a wood or playing in park without the restriction of a dog lead is sheer happiness for any dog.

recall dog training
Recall your dog

Basic principle in recall dog training:

1. Think about the command word you are going to use in training, short words that can be repeated are best, such as ‘Come, come’, if preferable you can use a sharp whistle (if you do, always use the same sound every time).

2. Body language is important. As you call your do to come, turn your body away, do not face him directly. Moving away will draw him to you. Be patient, it will be worth the effort.

3. Make your recall routine into a game. Call him, clap your hands and slowly jog away. When he catches you, praise him, tickle his ear as a sign of affection and reward him with a treat.

4. Short sessions are better than long ones, and vary the games you play with him to stop him from becoming tired.

5. It is important that you keep repeating to him that he is a good dog. If he becomes bored or he does not want to play, let him know that he has been a good boy and try the routine another day.