Rescue dog recreates Banksy art

As part of an appeal to find a home, a rescue dog named Banksy has been recreating the artworks of the famous graffiti artist he shares his name with.

Staff from the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre are taking Banksy the dog for walks around the city, visiting the graffiti artist’s works. The pup has then been making his own versions of the art on canvas using his paws and nose to spread the paint around. The intention is to sell the Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s work at auction to raise money for the centre.

The dog is thought to be between three and six years old, and he has been at the centre for 19 weeks. Volunteers have described him as having had a very tough start to life and being very misunderstood.

According to the BBC, the manager at the rescue centre said that Banksy has had a few different homes already and now needs somewhere to settle down. He needs to be with adults only and in a home that has no other cats or dogs. The manager went on to say that the dog has a loving and cheeky personality and needs to have consistency as well as patient owners.

Volunteers at the centre have said that Banksy really enjoys recreating the artwork, and he has already painted his own version of the famous ‘Cat and Dog’ art by the graffiti artist. Those caring for the pup have said that it is a fantastic enrichment activity for him to do.

All money raised from selling the pieces will go towards caring for vulnerable animals at the centre.