Robbie Williams shows love for dogs

Robbie Williams may be a high flying super star A list celebrity, but that doesn’t stop him loving his dogs and spending over £4,000 per month on visiting them.

35 year old Robbie Williams is a real dog lover and has several dogs.  For those who want to know how many dogs Robbie Williams has and what they are, it can be quite confusing.  He has a Labrador retriever/pitbull terrier cross breed, a German Shepherd called Rudy, a bull mastiff called Duke, a wolf called Sid and a Rottweiler called Missy, amongst others!  You may also read about his dog, Sammy, who sadly passed away.

Recently, the former Take That star moved back to the UK and lives in a £7 million Wiltshire home with his girlfriend Ayda Field but had to leave his dogs in his LA home in California due to immigration restrictions.  The dogs have to undergo a six month quarantine period following injections before they are allowed to leave the US.

In the meantime, Robbie has been spending £4,000 each month flying eleven hours first class from London to Los Angeles just to check up on his canine friends that he refers to as ‘Little Wallee and the poops’ and he posted a picture on his site of Little Wallee, pictured here.

Robbie wrote on his blog:

“We’ve come back to see the Dogs….. because of the ridiculous quarantine rules …… The Little ones and the big ones have to have Jabs then wait a whole 6 months before they’re deemed fit enough(well, rabies free) to join us in England…It’s a stupid law but one You can’t do anything about… I can’t wait for them to see their new home…their going to Shiite! (literally, Maggie has trouble holding it in)…
only a month and a half and they can come with us….I do miss them but they are being well looked after by their Grandma Gwen…”

When the dogs are finally reunited with Robbie, they’ll be in for a bit of a surprise apparently as Robbie has bought two new sisters for the pack, including a Chow affectionately called ‘Abbey bear’ and ‘baby’ pictured here with his proud owner.

Dog love holds no boundaries for Robbie Williams it seems.