ROK Straps’ No Jolt Stretch Dog Lead Review

For the last two weeks, we have been trying out the latest innovation from ROK straps – the ultimate No Jolt Stretch Leash, courtesy of a free sample of the small Camo coloured leash tested by shih tzu Bailey.

The ROK Stretch Leash came with a handy information leaflet that lets you know all about its unique quality – and I certainly hadn’t seen anything like it before. First impressions were that it’s very well manufactured and solid; the leaflet says it’s made of a solid rubber core with nylon braid that is really chew resistant.

This dog lead comes with three visibly different qualities. The top handle has a padded wrap, making it really comfortable when you’re out walking your best friend. It also attaches to the rest of the lead by a D-ring, making it easy to wrap round a post if you need to leave your dog for a minute.

One of its best features in my opinion is it’s stretchy. It’s almost like an elastic band, so rather than jolting your dog if you want him or her to stop, it gives just enough tension to gently pull the dog back; this means it’s also actually easier on the owner too. Don’t think it’s going to stop you halting the dog in a hurry though – it’s not that stretchy! This makes it a great tool for dog training though.

The lead we had for a sample was a ‘small’, meaning it’s suitable for dogs up to 18kg. Bailey’s only just over 10kg so I felt the third feature was a little wasted on her but for boisterous or larger dogs, this third feature is fab. There is a second handle at the opposite end of the lead called a ‘Traffic Leaders’, so you can easily hold the dog close to you at the roadside. It’s also pretty handy as a car restraint too – although it’s only meant to hold the dog in place whilst you need to, and is not a replacement for a proper dog car seat belt.

Having a smaller dog like Bailey meant I felt some of this lead’s great features were a little wasted but I did find myself wishing I’d had something like this when I was training her as a young dog. Nowadays, we’ve become used to an extendable lead for our longer walks and I’d like to see ROK create one of these.

For a well-trained small dog, the lead may feel a little overkill but it’s a fab accessory – other dog leads will feel cheap and nasty in comparison – and I loved the Cam colour. There are currently four other colours – green, orange, blue and pink. For the larger or boisterous dog, this has got to become a necessity.

All in all, Bailey and I loved this dog lead and it’s become a firm favourite. View for yourself on the YouTube video below:


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