Rottweiler saved from mud as high tide floods creek

Last Saturday, January 12, an eight-year-old Rottweiler named Buddy was faced with a scary sea situation at Langstone Harbour in Hampshire.

Buddy was frolicking on the beach throughout the afternoon, but soon found himself in a spot of difficulty when the tide began to rise. As the water inched closer, mud on the beach became soggier, resulting in the dog getting trapped. When a passer-by noticed that the mud was covering the dog’s chest, a 999 call was made to the Solent Coastguard. Despite the owner’s attempts to rescue the dog, assistance from a coastguard rescue team was necessary.

The team arrived in the nick of time, as the creek began swelling with the rising tide. A group of rescuers pulled the uninjured dog from the water, placed him on a stretcher and brought him onto dry land. Although exhausted and cold, the animal was unharmed and reunited with his owner immediately.

Speaking about the frightening incident, Portsmouth coastguard sector manager Steve Duff said:

“The owner was obviously very upset to see her dog’s predicament. We managed to get Buddy extracted just as the water was starting to lap at our boots.”

Langstone Harbour is snuggled into the heart of a dynamic urban area, and is a popular tourist destination. This seaside area is part of Hayling Island, features a number of walking routes and appeals to dog walkers from the local area. Fierce tidal rips entice boating and jet ski enthusiasts but, as this scare shows, it is always strongly recommended to check the tides before taking to the water.