Royal Mail appeal to dogs to back off!

The postman is the natural enemy of the dog.

Since the dawn of time it’s been the case that dogs bite postmen. It’s one of the laws of the universe. Now it seems that the postmen have had enough, in Calderdale at least. The Royal Mail has appealed to dog owners to stop their pets from attacking its postal workers.

According to the Royal Mail, 6 workers dealing with the HX postcode were attacked by dogs in the last three months. A total of 93 postal workers were attacked by dogs in the Yorkshire area during the same period.

The Royal Mail has waved the white flag to the dogs of Yorkshire, and has launched a campaign for owners to stop their dogs doing what comes naturally to them.

John Craven is part of the Communication Workers’ Union:

Owners need to be more aware because attacks can have an adverse effect on their dogs and their mail as Royal Mail can suspend deliveries.

People say their dog has never bitten anyone but there is always a first time.

One postwoman explains how a dog bit off the tip of her finger while she tried to deliver the mail.

The dog was behind the door. It lunged forward, biting me. Since then I’ve been unable to work. Even now I get a lot of pain and don’t want any of my colleagues to suffer like this.

Does your dog bark when the postman arrives? Are you careful not to let your pet attack its mortal enemy when they bring you your household bills in the morning?


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