Rules and boundaries for your new puppy

When you pick out your puppy and bring him home, it can be an really exciting time. When you bring your puppy home, no matter how cute or cuddly they may be, you need to set boundaries and rules between your pup, yourself and your children.

Puppies enjoy lots of fun, and rough and tumble with their master. However, some puppies can be excited and become overstimulated, and this may lead to biting, albeit not vicious.

It is quite normal for a puppy to nip. However, it should not be accepted. You need to work with your new puppy and ensure steps and training are provided to ensure your puppy does not bite and knows that it is not acceptable to do so.

A puppy will start to teethe, so ensure that you have the correct soft toys and teething items. Never ever give your puppy slippers or your old shoes, as they will think that it is acceptable to chew and teethe on your good ones. Instead, provide your puppy with toys that have different textures and different sizes, which can be purchased from any pet shop. Natural sterilized bones are also a good item to give them, but you must ensure that they are supervised at all times.

Give your puppy plenty of exercise and play times as there is nothing they love more. With a lot of patience and effort from you and your puppy, they have the potential to be the most obedient and friendly dog.