Scent, smell and your puppy

Puppies have a great sense of smell. Scenting is a very important attribute and it is a way of gathering information about the world, his new owners and other dogs.

A puppy’s world is a sensory one and it is a quick way of learning about the environment they live in and how to recognise other animals and people. This is done by scents they leave behind on the ground.

A Puppy will leave its own scent as a marking of territory by depositing faeces and urine.

Puppies have sweat glands on the bottom of the feet which leave a trace to let other dogs know that he has been there.

Knowing this may help you to understand some of the funny behaviour your puppy will show when he is sniffing the ground and trees.

Yours and your family’s is the important scent he recognises and it is recognisable by the scent of your clothes or certain places in the house.

Note: Search and rescue dogs are famous for working by scent, sniffing an item of clothing from a person’s body. This is a vital partnership between police and dog handler.