Scotland gears up for Guide Dogs Week

For hundreds of years, blind people have been assisted by guide dogs in everything from simply crossing the road to collecting their mail from the letterbox. Next week, to raise awareness of the immeasurable role played by guide dogs in influencing the lives of visually-impaired people, Scotland will be celebrating Guide Dogs Week.

Guide Dogs Week is observed annually and invites residents throughout Scotland to join in with all kinds of activities. The main aim of the week is to broaden people’s awareness on the daily struggles conquered by blind and partially-sighted people. It is set to entice thousands of members of the public to get involved and make a difference. Trained guide dogs will be present at the event, which is set to show people how important a role the dogs play in making everyday tasks simple.

Colin Gallagher, who is the mobility team manager in the Edinburgh region, said:

“Blind and partially-sighted people do the things that the rest of us take for granted.”

It is to be hoped that events at the Guide Dogs Week, taking place from October 6 – 14, will drive this message home and perhaps change people’s opinions. Simulation spectacles can be worn during the interactive tasks, while other events will see members of the public participate in short handle walks, blindfold walks and sighted guiding walks. Those who want to try one of these events, or attempt to walk on the Royal Mile near Glamis Castle, can find out more by visiting the website of the charity ‘Guide Dogs’.