Scruffts award presented to rescued war stray

In 2011, an injured dog named Wylie was found in the Kandahar area of Afghanistan. Wylie spent most of his years in the war-torn country, where he unwillingly fought with other dogs and was treated poorly.

His life has drastically changed since this time, however, as after British soldiers rescued him, a loving family in the United Kingdom took him into their home. Although he was found in a bit of a bad shape, he made a remarkable recovery and is now in the running to scoop a national Kennel Club award next year.

Wylie has been considered for the award because he shows absolutely no signs of anguish or hardship and is very friendly around people. He was taken in by a charity called Nowzad Dogs, which has helped 550 animals from Afghanistan.

When one of London’s biggest dog shows, Scruffts, took place over the weekend, his story touched the hearts of crowd members and judges. He was acknowledged as the top rescued crossbreed dog at the competition, which took place at Earl’s Court.

The Kennel Club presented the award to the four-year-old Mongrel. His owner Sarah Singleton is filled with pride knowing that he has competed against 1,200 dogs. Speaking about her pet, Mrs Singleton said:

“Despite all the abuse and human-inflicted trauma, he has a wonderful temperament. He now lives happily with me and my other two dogs.”

After being presented with the Scruffts award, Wylie has a chance to become next year’s overall Kennel Club winner.