Separation problems for dogs and owners

Puppies or dogs need to feel safe in their environment, even when you are there and nothing is likely to happen to them.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do when you are at home or if you are going out to work to help your dog feel more secure:

Leave a large article of clothing with your smell on it in his indoor kennel or dog bed. Make sure it is a piece of clothing that you have finished with, for obvious reasons!

Leave the article of clothing so that your dog will lie on it, then replenish your scent on it before you go out by sticking in the laundry basket, or by wearing it.

Hang an article of clothing on the door. Place the article of clothing on the handle. This is so your dog can smell you when you are in the house, but you’re separated.

Take the dog out before you leave home and then feed him so he will sleep while you are gone.

Try taping your voice or leaving the radio on when you leave home and put it on at different times so it’s not part of your routine.

Go out of the house by the front or back door randomly, changing your daily routine.