Should you buy another dog?

Many people, especially those working full time, may feel like getting another dog to give their existing dog or puppy some companionship. You may feel guilty if you leave the home for long periods of time during the day. It may seem like an ideal solution however, in the ensuing weeks after bringing your new dog home, you may begin to wonder what you have done. Fights could break out between the two, your pets may become territorial or it may seem like your two dogs are now learning new ways to misbehave from each other!

There are however, some tips that you can follow to help smooth the way for a happy household with two pet dogs. Firstly, you must ensure that your existing pet is of course agreeable to other dogs. If taking your dog for a walk is a struggle every time you encounter another dog walker, then perhaps buying another playmate for your pet is not the best idea. Secondly, it can be an idea to try to ensure that you buy another dog with a similar temperament to your existing pet to enable them to get along. Two hyperactive easy going pets may be a handful but at least they will coexist happily together and as a result, family life will be easier for everyone. When you bring your new dog home, allow the dogs to establish their own natural order, and ensure that there are two beds, dishes, sets of toys – it will be difficult to force the pets to share and your existing pet may become territorial.