Should you feed your dog chocolate?

dog eating chocolateThere is sometimes a difference of opinion between owners of dogs on the subject of giving a dog chocolate, and with Christmas coming up there is more temptation to share chocolate with your pal.

The main question that needs answering is whether or not chocolate is poisonous to dogs? I am afraid to say this, the answer is yes.

It can depend on the type of chocolate and the amount you give him though; tiny bits are not going to be as toxic as a full chunk broken off from a large bar of chocolate, such as a Galaxy or Dairy Milk bar.

The culprit of this toxicity is called Theo bromine; easily metabolised by human beings but not by dogs, therefore toxic levels builds up in a dog’s stomach, causing him to become uncomfortable. Weight gain is also inevitable.

The larger breeds of dogs are more likely to have more room to consume more chocolate than small dogs, however the end result is still the same; your canine pal will feel ill.

Throwing up food, having bouts of diarrhoea and, in some cases, more serious repercussions can all be experienced when a dog consumes chocolate. A dog can also have muscle tremors, internal bleeding or a fatal heart attack after eating this simple snack.

We know that your lovable pet will sit in front of you with large appealing eyes while you are eating your own chocolate, so it’s a good idea to have ready a small bag of chocolate goodies that are specially prepared for dogs. Your pet will feel included in the experience without suffering the onset of any ill effects.

However be aware, too much doggie chocolate can cause excess weight gain the same as too much human chocolate can for us dog owners!