Should you get another dog after your dog has died?

It is very sad when a pet dies and dogs can feel so part of the family that it really is like losing a member of your family when a dog dies. The emptiness in your home may be very apparent which is why many consider buying another dog when their pet has died.

Getting another puppy after a beloved dog has died is a very personal decision and there are no rules on whether this is the right thing to do or when the right time is to do this. Many people can take months or even years to grieve over the loss of a pet or feel guilty or disloyal if they love another animal, whereas others want to fill the void and enjoy a new pet as soon as possible.

A new dog can be a great distraction from your grief and gives your family back that feeling of companionship and fills your home. The routine of your life will be restored, around walking the dog, feeding them and of course, caring for an animal and getting another dog can be especially comforting to those living alone such as the elderly.

It can be too painful or a mistake to buy another dog identical to your previous pet as constant comparisons may make you feel like your new pet is a poor second to the dog you had before. Remember that each dog is unique and try not to compare your new dog in personality or skills and you will grow to love your new dog just as much.