Should you re-home a dog?

So you have taken the plunge and decided to give one of the UK’s numerous homeless dogs a new start. If you are worried about taking on a rescue dog read on:

Just because a dog is in a rescue shelter doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is a problem dog, dogs are taken to shelters for any number of reasons, often to do with family breakdown, financial pressures, or death of the owner.

Rescue dogs in most cases, are used to being pets and know how to interact within the family.

Talk to the staff at the dog’s home, sometimes they will have some knowledge of the dog’s background. Even if your chosen one came to the centre as a waif and stray, he or she will have been thoroughly assessed and the staff will know if he or she will fit into your home and your lifestyle.

When you take your new friend home, give him or her a few days to relax, show them round the house and make sure that they have a bit of space to call their own. Your vet or the staff at the rescue centre will advise you on feeding and healthcare. Keep things low key for a bit socially, let the dog settle before showing him or her off.

If problems do occur, don’t be worried about asking for advice.

All dogs deserve a happy home and there are many out there who don’t have one. Taking in a rescue dog is a big commitment but the rewards are huge, your dog may well turn out to be the most loving and faithful friend you could ever wish for.