Should you take in an older dog or a puppy?

When thinking about bringing a dog into your home, most people think about buying a puppy. Puppies are cute and cuddly and it is not difficult to see how easy they are to love. However, there are thousands of dogs who have been abandoned at shelters because they have been abused or unwanted. Many of these dogs would make excellent companions in spite of all that has happened to them in the past. If your situation is suitable, it is worth considering visiting a shelter before choosing a pet, because there may be a once neglected dog who will capture your heart and make a good house pet.

Dogs are abandoned for many reasons. For example, greyhound dogs who have been bred for racing are often discarded as they grow older, cannot run as fast and are no longer profitable. Animals with disabilities can also be abandoned as owners do not want to pay out to keep them healthy. These dogs end up at rescue centres if they are lucky but even so, the rescue shelter can only do so much to give the dog a home he deserves as they can often be inundated unfortunately with abandoned dogs. Other dogs are just abandoned because the owner cannot afford their upkeep any more or just don’t want them.

Rescue shelters work to try to ensure that abandoned dogs are rehabilitated and suitable for being re-adopted by good homes. Sadly sometimes, depending on health or behavioural problems, some abandoned dogs are not suitable to be re-homed – but there are many others who just need some care and attention and they will be a great addition to your family.