Show Gok Wan how it’s done – give your pet a makeover

lobster-dog-costumeIn case you were unaware, today is ‘National Dress Up Your Pet Day’. Although you can conceivably dress up just about any pet (my pet iguana looks swell in his Boba Fett costume), dogs are easier than most to do so. This may be due to their easy going nature, a willingness to sacrifice their dignity for a new dog toy, or even from a genuine love of dressing up.

If you’re planning on fitting your dog out with something other than his usual velour tracksuit or bandana and shades, there are a couple of safety issues to be mindful of.

Your dog’s wellbeing is paramount. His costume should not have any parts that may cause him injury, or can easily come loose and pose a risk of choking. Your pooch will be curious about what you’ve done to him, and may inadvertently pull a part of his costume off and swallow it.

His comfort is also important. Choose something that will fit him easily without forcing it upon him. After all, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is supposed to be fun for him too, so a reward or two may be in order.

What’s the use of dressing up your pet if you’re going to stay in the house all day too? Why not take him for a walk and give him the opportunity to strut his stuff. Before dressing him up, check out the weather forecast. Your slavering Pit Bull may look simply adorable in his pink mohair sweater, but it will be ruined if it’s raining outside.

If you can’t make it out of the house, why not post some pictures of your pet on our Dream Dogs Facebook page, and give everybody the chance to appreciate your handiwork?


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