Simple dog training tricks

Many people do not want their pets to perform a variety of tricks for their entertainment. Most dog owners just want their pets to follow basic commands in order to control their dog in the home and when taking their dog out for a walk.

However simple the commands are, it can be initially frustrating when you try to get your dog to respond to your training. Seeing your dog look at you quizzically when you are trying to get them to come to you or sit can be very testing on your patience.

Remember that your dog is probably not being stubborn – it just does not understand your command. Dogs have a desire to please their owners and so even if you have been over the command several times, the dog still may misunderstand what you want them to do.

The easiest way to train your dog to respond to some simple commands is to make your training short and snappy each day and teach them in the form of play. If your dog is having fun, then they will learn faster – and it will be more fun for you too.

Use little dog treats as motivation for your dog to learn what you want from your commands. Bite size treats can be given as a reward when your dog does the right thing, and coupled with some praise and affection and a positive voice, your dog will soon learn how you want them to behave. Just make sure that you do not overdo the treats!